The purpose of this training course is to evaluate the skill level of riders and to replicate trail riding obstacles and evasive maneuvers they might encounter for safe riding while on state and public lands.    
Our course is 2 hours long and emphasizes safe riding and proper technique. 
Our course covers a safety course review, major controls, rider bike fit, body and head position, starting and stopping and evasive moves. 
The course also includes pre-ride inspections, and training on loading and unloading, riding in groups and hand signals for trail riding. 

What to bring

When you are ready to be certified, please make sure all these items are with you.

If you do not have all these items, you will not be allowed to participate in the class.

  1. Quad or Dirtbike. Please bring both if you are taking both classes. We offer rentals, but please call in advance to reserve.

  2. Helmet - must be a DOT approved helmet and must fit properly.

  3. Goggles

  4. Gloves

  5. Longsleeve Shirt

  6. Long Pants

  7. Boots - Must be over the ankle boots or riding boots. Hiking boots are ok.
    Tennis shoes and rubber boots will not be allowed.

  8. Safety Education Cards of Particpant

  9. HOC Checklist - Download here and printout and bring with you.

  10. Minor Waiver -Download here and printout and bring with you.