Prepare for the Class

What to prepare for Lyon Off-Road Evaluation:

The course at Lyon Off-Road has obstacles you will be evaluated on. Some things to prepare for are...


  1. Circle: Ride in a 30' diameter circle both sitting and standing

  2. Weave: Layout objects approximately 12' apart and practice. you can use cones, rocks, sticks or anything. Practice riding sitting and standing. 

  3. Obstacles: Be prepared to ride over a 4" high obstacles or a 1-1/2" if your are on a 50cc. The obstacles represent roots and rocks that are found on trails.

  4. Pegs: Riders must be able to ride with feet on pegs and have basic riding abilities. 

Our goal is to have your child succeed in this course. We will do everything we possibly can. If your child needs preparation lessons, Lyon's Off-Road offers those for $25 per half hour. Please let us know ahead of time if they are having difficulties preparing for these.